Shadow Land

While exploring different cities I noticed that there is one element of human behavior that does not change. The common thread is that, in all places, people congregate together. No matter what city I photographed in, the relationships between people never changed. It is human nature to want to categorize oneself as a way to identify with others. The interesting aspect for me however, was that although people grouped themselves in different ways based on their relationships, destinations and ethnic backgrounds, all of their shadows were cast the same. Whether they were riding bikes, holding hands, or walking with a group of friends, all of their shadows followed behind them like the personal life stories we each own. 

My intention of capturing the light and shadow of people moving through a city from a high vantage point expresses the view that people are like ants. There maybe multiple different colonies of ants that on the surface look very different from one another but if you look at them from a far they are really just ants existing in the same shadow land as us.