A Street Style Series

Created by: Meghan Cronin, Emilie Hibbard, Luc Belder

IG: @fashionatbu

Bruce Dennis

(CGS '19, COM '21)

"Most of my inspiration for how I dress honestly comes from movies I've watched recently. There's always that one go-to look but for the most part it kind of varies. I usually shop at places like Urban Renewal, Goodwill, SOWA Vintage Market, or just wear stuff I find from my Dad's closet. I don't go anywhere without my Florsheim Duke boots, highly recommended."

Talia Adler


"To me, fashion is the easiest way to tell people who you are without having to speak at all. I play a lot with bold colors, color blocking, and mixing prints. My style is definitely really loud but understated silhouette-wise. I shop for staples at places like Aritzia and Reformation because I love the simple femininity and especially durability of their brands, but most of my closet comes from random boutiques or thrift shops because I like the fact that everything is one of a kind. @avanope and @toranorth (fashion bloggers) are my two favorite everyday style inspirations but I'm honestly inspired by people I see walking up and down the street like if I see someone wearing a cool outfit I will think to myself 'okay, what are they wearing & why do I like it?' and then from there the ball just keeps rolling and its so much fun."


Sammy Gold


“My style is very much influenced by the outdoors, but was born in the city. Most of my inspiration stems from places that I’ve been and experiences I’ve had. When looking for clothing, I place a high emphasis on durability. I love materials that will age through the seasons with you. I look for most of my clothes in thrift shops, online, and in outdoor gear stores.”


Marc Prophet


“My style is pretty simple. I grew up wearing a lot of skateboarding clothes or how the kids call it now ‘street wear,’ but recently I’ve been moving away from that and just wearing things I like. I feel like people are too concerned with the brand/keeping up with the latest trends and that takes away from the individual creativity side of style. I swear walking down Comm Ave I feel like I’m in that episode of Spongebob when Squidward moves to the town where everyone looks like him there’s no originality lol. Shout out to @offthecuff mag for keeping it weird and different when it comes to fashion on campus. Choice style and hella professional flicks if your sleeping on OTC sweet dreams brother.”

_DSC0492 copy.jpg

Zoe Allen


“My style honestly consists of putting one thing on, looking in the mirror, and completely rearranging the entire outfit—it’s experimentation. I get most of my clothes on sale at Urban Outfitters, Depop, or Buffalo Exchange and love sporty style even though I’m not athletic at all. I create mood boards on Instagram to curate potential outfit ideas but the ones I usually put together are a lot more affordable than the ones I see on social media. My style icons are Devon Carlson, Kaia Gerber, and Charli XCX. Silver is sorta my thing, I always wear three silver simple chain necklaces and my favorite piece to wear are my silver FILA disrupters.”


Giancarlo Lobo

(COM’ 20)

“I haven’t really shopped for clothes since high school. Almost everything I wear is either out of my grandfather’s, father’s, or brother’s closet. I draw inspiration from my ethnic and cultural background. I try to express my pride of Hong Kong and Macau in my style, along with inspiration from Bay Area hip hop/basketball and skater culture. My method for styling is if you're gonna wear something, WEAR it. Every fit has the potential to be a costume if you express how you’re feeling in life in your style. Favorite looks right now are suspenders, my mustache if I have one, oversized dress shirts, all black fits with a touch of color, jade, and anything corduroy. I used to describe my style as casual—fly with a hint of class in high school. That evolved into baller, hipster, formal when I entered college. NOW, its anything ME.”

Ella Morgan

(CGS '19, COM '21)

"I try to mix up my style day to day and not really stick to just one kind of vibe. I've recently dug into the vintage Instagram shop community which is cool because everything is one of a kind. I also try to find staple pieces that I'll wear forever. I think there's something amazing about having pieces of clothing with you through life experiences. Moving to the northeast, I've found a new love for jackets; I can't get enough of them."


Caroline Held

(COM '21)

"To me, fashion is expressive and individual. When I look back at old pictures of myself, I realize my style has grown with me. Each day is a little different, and I like to reflect that in my outfits. I love centering an outfit around a bold piece, be it a black fur coat or red track pants. I primarily buy pieces from Forever 21, Topshop, and Brandy Melville. While I pick an outfit based on comfort, Aimee Song's (@songofstyle) versatility never ceases to inspire me. One day she is so elegant, and the next, she's rocking sneakers with a suit. Fashion is meant to be experimental, unique, and nothing less than fun."


Ashley Abbuhl

(CGS '19, CAS '21)

"Fashion has always been a way for me to have fun with life. I like to wake up every morning and create who I am going to be for the day with clothes. I thrift for most of my clothes for both environmental reasons and because it allows for me to cycle through my closet at an affordable price. My favorite spots are Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, and the Garment District. If I do shop fast fashion, I'll usually go to Urban Outfitters or Zara. I definitely take notice to what the people around me wear; my friends are definitely an inspiration of mine. I love '70s fashion as well; Jane Birkin is someone I aspire to dress like. Fashion is incredibly whimsical & I just try to be creative with it.”


Jenna Matsumura

(CGS '19, SAR '21)

My style has definitely evolved throughout the past couple of years and it’s a fun way for me to experiment with different looks. I think fashion is distinctive for each individual person, and for me a lot of it is about how I want to present myself to others, but more importantly about how I want to feel in what I chose to wear everyday. A lot of my inspiration comes from this boutique that I used to work at back home and also what I see on the daily basis here in Boston. Some of my favorite brands are rag & bone, Mother, and the Great. Most of my outfits consist of a classic piece and then adding fun patterns or different textures that make it more personal and unique.”


Olivia Manni

(CGS '19, COM '21)

“My style consists mostly of neutrals- it's pretty rare that you’ll catch me in a color other than black, grey, or white. I guess one thing that I tend to do when I shop is look for classics that can be incorporated into several different looks- versatile pieces are key, and you can never go wrong with a white sneaker. In the past year my style has changed a lot, and earlier this semester I realized that half the things in my closet just aren’t me anymore, so I sold over 100 pieces of clothing and kind of re-invented my wardrobe with clothes that’ll last me more than one season and that I feel confident wearing. IAmGia has the best pants and blouses, Levi and Carmar carry the best denim hands down, Revolve has everything you could ever need, and all of my sneakers are Nike.. checks over stripes always.”


Johannah Coichy


“Because it changes so much, I don’t think I could ever really use a specific phrase to describe my style, right now I’d go with maybe classic with some edge? I just try to have fun with clothes. I’d say the general rule for me is if you could find it in your grandma’s closet, I could probably be talked into wearing it. I love to play with vintage patterns and silhouettes, and if I’m shopping I’ll usually check out Goodwill or other thrift stores. I also love Primark, H&M, and Zara, too. I almost never leave the house without my Docs or my Loewe briefcase. My two biggest inspirations right now would probably have to be Lukas Sabbat and Adut Akech.”