La Famiglia

As an Italian-American I have learned that the family is the most important aspect of life and that family should always come first. Throughout my photographs I explore the love, support and tradition my own Sicilian family has taught me. The images exhibited are from different family holidays and gatherings over the year and demonstrate the ways in which we celebrate. My motivation for this series is to represent the positive effect spending time with one’s family can have on them. Coming from a big family there are many different, big personalities, but the dynamic is what makes the gatherings interesting. We are all diverse and we learn from each other, one minute we fight, the next minute we get coffee, we stick together and grow as a unit.

This body of work is dedicated to my family because as I grow older I realize how lucky I am to have this constant support system to fall back on. I realize that some people have not had the ability to grow up how I have so my work is to encourage others to reach out to that family member they have not talked to in years, or to try to make time to spend with one’s family, because for me at least, in the end, the family is all that matters.